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Fencing Mask

Fencing, to me, is more than a sport; it's a dynamic fusion of strategy, athleticism, and discipline. It embodies a unique blend of physical and mental prowess, offering a canvas where quick thinking and precise movements are the brushstrokes of success.
Fencing is a personal journey that shapes my character, teaching me resilience, focus, and the art of calculated risk. It's a metaphorical dance where each duel is a conversation between opponents, an expression of skill, respect, and the continuous pursuit of self-improvement. 
Fencing, in essence, is not just a sport; it's a profound and enriching part of my identity.


Fencing Career

From Oct 2023 - Member, York University Fencing Team 

2022-2023 - Captain, Bootham School Fencing Team


2023 - Level 1 Sabre Coaching award

2023 - Level 1 Foil Coaching award

2021 - Bootham School Epee Summer Tournament Winner

2021 - Bootham School Foil Summer Tournament Winner

2021 - Bootham School Sabre Summer Tournament Winner

2021 - BAF Gold Sabre (Pass)

2020 - BAF Gold Epee (Pass)

2019 - BAF Gold Foil (Pass)

2019 - BAF Silver Epee (Pass)

2018 - BAF Silver Foil (Pass)

2018 - BAF Silver Sabre (Pass)

2018 - BAF Bronze Epee (Pass)

2017 - BAF Bronze Sabre (Pass)

2017 - BAF Bronze Foil (Pass)

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